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Bagley Wright, a giant on the Seattle arts scene

I would be remiss if I did not mention the passing of one of the greatest art benefactors here in the Pacific Northwest, Bagley Wright. While I knew him only in passing, it is through my daughter Stacey, who babysat for his grandchildren,  that I came to know him best. She has the highest regard for him as a loving grandfather and remembers fondly their Christmases when Bagley personally went out and bought individual and special presents for each of his grandchildren. Those kids grew up thinking he was the greatest thing since peanut butter. The prayers of our family are with the whole family at this very difficult time. Services will be held at St. Mark’s Cathedral in Seattle on Tuesday, July 26 at 3 p.m.  Shown Bagley Wright in 1981: Photographed by Bruce McKim , the Seattle Times

Seattle Art Blog now modified for your IPhone

You can now look at the Seattle Art Blog specially modified for your IPhone, Droid or Blackberry. Just go to the browser on your phone, type in our web address, and there it is. All you need to do is bookmark it! Don’t you just love technology?