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Gallery Mack Owner Passes Away

Barbara MackBarbara Mack Keith (1933-2016), co-owner of one of the five oldest galleries in town, Gallery Mack at the north end of the Pike Place Market in Seattle,  died May 26 after a brief illness. She leaves behind her life partner of 41 years, Michael Peterson, four children, 11 grandchildren and 30 great grandchildren.


It’s been my pleasure to have known her since 1988. Barbara was much more than a loyal advertiser in Art Guide Northwest – she was a friend through thick and through thin. We shared many confidences over the years as we weathered the ups and downs of the economy and both experienced the loss of a child. Through the years Barbara’s hard work, determination, generosity, loyalty and integrity kept the doors open. She could be seen walking to the gallery every day, and continued working to the end. She was truly a woman of substance.


Michael pretty much sums it up as he says, “ Loving Barbara came to me as easy as the sun gives heat and light. For over forty years I have had the privilege of her essence and presence in my life, and I am TRULY thankful for that! With the power of all of those cherished moments and that grand influence, comes the hardest challenge I will ever face and that is the fact of losing her.”


In lieu of flowers please direct donations in her memory to: Pediatric Interim Care Center, Kent, WA or Science and Management of Addictions (SAMA) Foundation, Seattle, WA.

Barbara Earl Thomas Awarded 2016 Irving and Yvonne Twining Humber Award from Artist Trust


Artist Trust  just announced the recipient of the 2016 Irving and Yvonne Twining Humber Award, artist Barbara Earl Thomas. Thomas receives an unrestricted cash award of $10,000 in recognition of her creative excellence, professional accomplishment, and dedication to the arts.

She has exhibited her work for more than 30 years in exhibitions at prestigious institutions such as the Seattle Art Museum, Tacoma Art Museum, and Meadows Museum of Art, and her work is in important corporate collections, including Microsoft and Safeco. She is the recipient of numerous awards, such as a Mayor’s Arts Award in 2013 and the Howard S. Wright Award from the Seattle Arts Commission, and has completed residencies at Pilchuck, Tacoma Museum of Glass, and Hedgebrook.

Calendar of Art Walks and Events Through June 28

Fourth Saturday

Bremerton Charleston Arts District Artwalk,noon – 8pm


June 23

Performance Sculptures by Alejandro Guzmán from  6:30-7:30pm at MadArt Studio, 325 Westlake Avenue. Performance begins at 7. Alejandro Guzmán has been hosted in Seattle in an alliance between the Seattle Art Museum  and MadArt as part of the exhibit Disguise: Masks and Global African Art. In MadArt’s studio, with the help of staff and volunteers, Alejandro created a family of nGangulero "performance sculptures". 


Jedis, 12s, Muggles, Makers, Trekkies, and musicians come together for 15th birthday Bash reception for the EMP Museum, 325 Fifth Avenue N.,  with official remarks, proclamation from the City of Seattle, birthday cake ceremony, performance by 2015 Sound Off! finalist Bleachbear and special appearances by EMP friends. It all starts at 11am.


June 24-28

Kenmore Art Show at Bastyr University, sponsored by The Arts of Kenmore . On Saturday, June 27th, the Art Show will host a Plein Air "Paint Out" event on the Bastyr campus with the Plein Air Washington Artists group. Plus, lots more art and activities over the three-day show including a juried show. Located at 14500 Juanita Dr NE, Kenmore. Special opening at 5:30pm on June 24 to meet the artists.


June 26-28

International Arts and Music Festival at the Peach Arch Park on the Washington/Canadian border. A 3-day gathering of artists from the Greater Northwest and beyond representing a rich cultural tapestry. Please come and enjoy a unique art display with a touch of sophistication, the echoing sounds of music, gourmet food, and a  wine and beer garden, all nestled within the beautiful setting o f Peace Arch Park.


June 26

 Seattle Art Museum Olympic Sculpture Park 6th Annual Party in the Park from 6pm – midnight. The al fresco dinner party is a very popular fundraiser for the museum. Dance the night away with The Nines.


June 27

Beacon Hill Art Walk from 1-10pm. Will include art displayed both inside and outside of local businesses on the days of the event and up to a week from the ‘Junction’ at 15th and Beacon Av S. down to Jefferson Park. Pedicabs will be cycling up and down Beacon Avenue, and attendees are encouraged to use light rail, bus and bike to arrive . Outdoor art market also, food trucks, music, you name it.

Women in the Arts Share Success Stories

Artnet News just published an interesting article written by Sara Cascone about successful women in the arts world. Cascone interviewed over 62 women  who share their secrets. Follow this link to read it:

Tashiro Kaplan Artist Lofts Celebrate 10 years August 2

Read all about the celebration in the Seattle Times by clicking right here.

Why were building permits issued in Oso?

I know, I know. Another post that has nothing to do with art. The people who lost their lives or people they loved, all their possessions, and their homes and land, have been in my mind ever since it happened. This morning I read an article in the Seattle Times that many of them still have mortgages which must be paid, even though the house is gone, and, just as significantly, even if  the house was free and clear, they have no equity left and nothing to sell in order to buy another house.  Not only is their house gone but so is the land.


When you build a house in this state, you must get a building permit. The authorities have deemed that land buildable and charge you for that permit.  Additionally, they must also approve the plans before you can build that house, as the state, county and/or city all have  building codes that must be adhered to. You don’t adhere to those codes, you can’t move into that house until the work is done, and there are inspectors for each stage along the way—structural, mechanical, plumbing, etc..  Every single one of those houses went through this process. If the state, county or city had said they couldn’t build because the land was unsafe, they would have never been able to build, and they certainly would not have received their final occupancy okay. Furthermore, no bank will loan you money on that house without your final permit to occupy.


One more thing. Declaring this a federal disaster will not make  the homeowners well. All that will do is give them temporary help and then a low-cost loan to buy a house somewhere else. It will  not reimburse them.


We must trust our state and county governments who employ engineers to tell us whether land is safe to build on. Why else do we have building permits?  Are we expected to be engineers when we buy land on which to build? So, if those houses in Oso were issued building permits, followed all the building codes, and were given the go ahead to occupy the homes, I firmly believe the state and/or county should reimburse them for the pre-slide appraised value of their properties.

KOMO helicopter crash kills two

I know, here I go again. What does this have to do with art?  Well, aside from killing the pilot, Gary Pfitzner 59, of Issaquah,  the crash also killed Bill Strothman, 62, of Bothell, who believed, like me, a picture is worth a thousand words. My heart goes out to the whole staff of KOMO News who are devastated by the tragedy. KOMO is my go to source for local news on TV and has been for years. Sweet Steve Pool tells it like it is with the weather, and Dan Lewis is my favorite news anchor. He cried on the air today, and I was reminded of his sadness when co-anchor  Kathi Goertzen died almost two years ago.  I am so sorry for the whole KOMO family.  Sigh.

I can’t believe it. We won! I’m so excited I can’t stand it — Seahawks 43–Broncos 8–finally, we get some respect.

seahawkMy husband and I have  been season ticket holders since 1979. Remember the  days when they were giving out paper bags to put over our heads outside the Kingdome? Remember Jim Zorn? Despite this, my family and I never missed a game, rain or shine or snow. When we played Pittsburgh in the Super Bowl in 2006, I was sure the officials took the game away from us., and it was heartbreaking. Finally, we get the Vince Lombardi Trophy. Thank you Pete Carroll, and thank you Paul Allen for helping to make it possible. And—thank you Seattle defense. Here’s a picture, most appropriately, of the MVP, defensive linebacker Malcolm Smith.

Go Seahawks!! Look at the Hammering Man at SAM!

hammanOur city is alive with the excitement of the Super Bowl right now – our second attempt at the coveted Vince Lombardy Trophy for the Seattle Seahawks. I just want you to see how our sweet Seattle Art Museum is celebrating the fans who have helped us to get to where we are today – the 12th Man.


By the way, may I just say that the controversial Richard Sherman graduated from Stanford University? He’s no dummy. All football players are hyped up during the game, and he has since apologized for being a bit “over exuberant” . I’m tired of reading bad things about him. Give us and him a break.

Sorry for so few postings this month

I’ve been sick with the flu and have just felt awful. That’s what I get for not getting a flu shot. Anyway, the brain is slowing clearing up, and I’ll return to posting your shows.

Great piece about David Zwirner in New York Times

I love reading about the movers and shakers in the international art world and thought you might like to read an article written by Randy Kennedy  in T, The New York Times Style Magazine about New York gallery owner David Zwirner. Follow this link for the read about a colorful character who owns one of the top New York galleries:

I have great ideas for Christmas gifts – read on

fr That’s right, I absolutely know where you can find the perfect thing for the pickiest person on your list – an art museum store.  All art museums have great stores where you can buy some really unique items you simply will not find anywhere else. Art books, jewelry, children’s games, cards, textiles, prints, and all kinds of gifts the art collector will  appreciate. Or, kick your gift purchases up a notch and buy that very special  person on your list a painting or piece of sculpture from an art gallery. Believe me when I tell you that nearly every gallery I  know has reasonably priced pieces as well as the more expensive ones.   A gift of art lasts a lifetime. Shown are just a few items from the Frye Art Museum Gift Store.

My sweet girl is gone forever

maxisuzi My heart is aching, so forgive me for not writing about art right now. Our beautiful, sweet, joy-filled Golden Retriever, Maxi, died last night. She was only seven years old and in perfect health up until four days ago. 

I came home from Petsmart the other day with two new balls and went out to the yard to throw them for the dogs. We have one other Golden, Suzi, Maxi’s sister. They were best friends and slept cuddled up together at night from the time they were tiny. Maxi is on the left and Suzi on the right in this picture. We bought both of them when they were three months old from a breeder up in Everett. Anyway, back to the balls. They had so much fun running like crazy to catch the balls and bring them back for another throw. Maxi was such a good girl, always bringing the ball back and dropping it at my feet. Suzi, on the other hand, was more possessive.

Maxi was the smarter of the two from the very beginning, with one exception — squirrels. She never saw a squirrel she could ignore and scared me to death on more than one occasion bolting to the chase while I was left with a sore arm, watching helplessly as she flew down the street with her leash and me dragging behind. She never did catch a squirrel.

Back to the ball. On Monday afternoon she threw up and started eating grass. By Wednesday I knew she had to go to the vet when I found half of one of the tennis balls. The vet, a kindly lady, took x-rays and showed me the results with four large pieces of something in her stomach. She operated that night and called to tell us the happy results as she had removed the four pieces of a bright pink ball. Maxi was doing well, and she said we could take her home on Saturday.

Yesterday her prognosis steadily worsened. She had a bad case of aspiration pneumonia. Pneumonia in a dog? We visited her yesterday afternoon and found a very sick girl with labored breathing. I knew then she wasn’t going to make it, but the vet said she was giving her antibiotics and there was still hope.

Last night about nine, the call came. She was gone. We took Suzi over to see Maxi’s body to help her understand where Maxi was. It was one of the saddest and most emotionally wrenching things I’ve ever been through. Believe me when I tell you dogs have deep feelings. Suzi did not want to leave her.

Thank you for reading.


Are you living in the dark ages?

The other day I got an email from someone asking me to make the images smaller as it took a long time to load the pages on her computer. I try, really I do, to make sure each image I get is no larger than 72-100 dpi which is pretty much the internet standard for web page graphics. During the course of our emails, she revealed that she was still using a telephone line to get on the internet. Telephone line?  There are much, much better options out there including DSL from the phone company and cable from cable tv providers, not to mention 3G and 4G access from cell  phone companies. DSL is probably the least expensive and also frees up  your land line. Please, folks, do yourself a favor and switch to a more efficient method to get online. If you are still using a telephone line, you are living in the dark ages.

Art closures due to snow

You can pretty much forget going to a museum today. According to the Seattle Times, there’s a lengthly list of art closures:


Bellevue Arts Museum . The museum is closed today, Wednesday, due to the snow. Updates will be posted on the museum’s website.

Eastside Jazz Club: A concert scheduled for Tuesday is being postponed until Friday, Jan. 20. Details are on EJC’s website.

Frye Art Museum : It’s closed Wednesday, Jan. 18. Go to the Frye’s website for snow closure updates.

Henry Art Gallery . It’s closed Wednesday, Jan. 18. Go to the museum’s site for snow closure updates.

Pacific Science Center: All exhibits are closed today; all planetarium, live science and laser dome shows are canceled. IMAX screenings of "Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol," "Tornado Alley 3D," "Adventures of Tintin," and "Sea Rex 3D" will take place, but will start late. See the center’s website for more details.

Patricia Cameron Gallery : The opening of "Resonance," an exhibition of Leslie McKay’s drawings, has been postponed from this Thursday to next Thursday, Jan. 26. Read more about the show here.

Pierce County Library. It’s closed Wednesday, Jan. 18. Library card holders may still use the online library.

PNB School: Classes are canceled at the Phelps Center in Seattle and Francia Russell Center in Bellevue on Wednesday. Check the website for updates.

Seattle Art Museum : All three sites (downtown, sculpture park, Volunteer Park) are closed Wednesday. Check SAM’s website or social media (Facebook, or Twitter @iheartSAM) for updates.

Seattle Public Library. The library’s site says "Due to weather conditions, all locations will be open 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. today [Wednesday, Jan. 18]. Please call before attending an event."

Town Hall. Author Andrew Ross’ talk on "the world’s least sustainable city," Phoenix, scheduled for Wednesday, has been postponed to an unspecified date. Town Hall says ticketholders will be contacted.

UW World Series. The UW campus has shut down, so Trio con Brio’s planned performance at Meany Hall has been canceled. Ticketholders are encouraged to call the UW ticket office at 206-543-4880 beginning at 11 a.m. Friday to request refunds or exchanges. You must make your request by Feb. 15.

WICA (Whidbey Island Center for the Arts): The first session of the center’s Glee Club for young people is postponed from Wednesday to Saturday. Details on WICA’s website.


"Cavalia" is due to open at 8 p.m. Wednesday night, but presenters are monitoring the weather and will make a final call about the premiere between noon and 4 p.m. Wednesday. Visit "Cavalia’s" website at or after 4 p.m. Wednesday to find out if the opening is postponed to Thursday.