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Antique prints at Fine Impressions Gallery

fineimpr This month, in addition to contemporary prints, Fine Impressions Gallery, 8300  Fifth Avenue NE, has a number of new antique prints on view in the gallery and on  the “New in the Gallery” page of their website. Shown is a 500-year-old woodcut, a page from the Allegory of Aeneid, illustrated by Johann Gruninger, printed in 1502. You can see it in more detail on the website.

Exploring food through art at Fine Impressions

fineimpressions Food – a theme that has been used for centuries in art, is being featured this month at Fine Impressions Gallery, 8300 Fifth Avenue NE in Seattle. Some of the most beautiful and detailed depictions come from the botanical artists of the 19th  century. For  example, this one by Anne Pratt (1806-1893) shows “Bulbiferous Great Round-Headed Garlic” and other garlics. Pratt was one of the best known botanical artists of her time.

Fine Impressions Gallery celebrates boating season

fineimpjpeg Since the opening of the Puget Sound boating season is May 7, Fine Impressions Gallery, 8300  Fifth Avenue NE., is showing a collection of nautical art during the month of May. Shown: John Moilanen’s painting Mt.Constance.

150th anniversary of the Civil War at Fine Impressions

fineimpjpg Fine Impressions Gallery, 8300 5th. Avenue NE in Seattle, remembers the 150th anniversary of the civil war with many vintage images from “Harper’s Weekly” and Frank Leslie’s Famous Leaders and Battle Scenes of the Civil War. Shown: The Battle of White Oak Swamp Bridge, June 30, 1862, a photogravure from the Leslie book.

Rare Japanese prints at Fine Impressions Gallery

finei Fine Impressions Gallery, 8300 Fifth Avenue is celebrating not only the Ides of March but also St.Patrick’s Day at the gallery this month with some of their fine antique prints. But more  importantly, they want to draw the public’s attention to their collection of Japanese prints  Owner, Carol Maurer says, “Japanese prints are some of the most intricate and beautiful in the world. This is “Drying Persimmons,” an engraving by Ryohei Tanaka. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the people of this now devastated country.”

Celebrating Valentine’s Day at Fine Impressions

fineimpress Fine Impressions Gallery, 8300 Fifth Avenue NE, is celebrating Valentine’s Day with fine prints from masters. Shown: Marc Chagall at the Tokyo Yamagata Nagoya Gunma, Japan, a 1987 lithograph.

Stephen McMillan’s aquatints at Fine Impressions

fineimpressions It’s winter at Fine Impressions Gallery, 8300 Fifth Avenue NE, with an exhibition of Stephen McMillan’s aquatints inviting the contemplation of quiet snow scenes. Part of the Contemporary Landscapes and Contemporary Botanicals collection, several of his works are available. Also on view is Iceberg Adhering to Icy Reef, an  engraving by Captain Back, published in Franklin’s Narration of a Second Expedition for the Shores of the Polar Sea, 1825-27, by John Murray of London. Shown: Winter by Stephen McMillan.

FASHION AND COSTUMES on view at Fine Impressions Gallery

fineimpressions The way we dress ourselves – for special occasions or everyday wear – has often been a subject for art. Fine Impressions Gallery, 8300 Fifth Avenue N.E. in Seattle, has magazine fashion illustrations, clothing shown in historical subjects, illustrations that were done at the time of world exploration in the 19th century, and many others. Shown: “Alderman,” by Auguste Wahlen, a hand-colored engraving from the book Moeurs, Usages, et Costumes, from the Librarie Historique Artistique, Brussels, 1843-44. (Item #04883).

Woodblock prints by Annie Bissett at Cullom Gallery

Cullom Gallery, 603 S. Main Street, showcases the woodblock prints of Annie Bissett in “We Are Pilgrims,” with a special opening party on October 15 from 6-8pm. On Saturday, October 16 at 1pm, the artist will give a talk and printmaking demonstration. Shown: Dorothy Bradford Comes to America.

Halloween and Dia de lost Muertos at Fine Impressions

Fine Impressions Gallery, 8300 Fifth Avenue NE, acknowledges Halloween and the Day of the Dead (otherwise known as Dia de los Muertos) during October with related work. On Saturday, October 16, from 1-4pm, Sam Hamrick, a Seattle artist known for his linocut prints, will be on hand at the gallery to show samples of his process. Shown: Trumpet Player by Sam Hamrick,.

New shows on Second Friday October 8

Bherd Studios Gallery , 8550 Greenwood Avenue N. is showing, “Inside Out,” the urban contemporary work of Seattle artists: Michelle Anderst, Joe Vollan and Chris Sheridan.  Each artist’s work is themed around the inner workings of the mechanical, anatomy and the human soul. Shown: by Joe Vollan. The opening reception is held in conjunction with the  Second Friday Monthly Artwalk in Greenwood-Phinney , from 6-10pm, as well as with October’s Arts Crush festival. Bherd Studios Gallery is also curating a show across the street from the gallery at the Gainsbourg Restaurant. Featured is the work of Portland photographer, Lloyd  Kimeldorf.


Fine Impressions Gallery, 8300 Fifth Avenue NE in Seattle, is featuring Picasso vintage poster, museum posters from the 1980’s and reproductions of Picasso’s work in conjunction the the Picasso Show at the Seattle Art Museum, on view from October 8 through January 17. Shown at the right:  Picasso’s poster for the Seibu Department Stores L’Atelier Mourlot.



Alfonse Borysewicz and Anne Hirondelle will share the main space at Francine Seders Gallery, 6701 Greenwood Avenue North, in October. A reception for the artists will be on October 10 from 2-4pm. Borysewicz, who will be at the gallery on October 12 at 7pm,  has been featured in solo exhibitions at St. Francis College in Brooklyn (2008), The Church of St. Paul the Apostle in New York (2008), and The Oratory Church of St. Boniface in Brooklyn (2009). Hirondelle’s recent work falls into three categories—Re:Forms, Extrapolations, and Re:Coils. The Re:Forms bring more openness and complexity to the deconstructed bowl form that Hirondelle first used in the 2008/09 Remember series. Hirondelle was the 2009 recipient of the Yvonne Twining Humber Award for Lifetime Artistic Achievement, and her work was recently included in Show of Hands: Northwest Women Artists 1890-2010 at the Whatcom Museum in Bellingham (2010). Shown: re form 10 red by Anne Hirondelle.

Photographic Center NW, 900 12th Ave is showcasing a diverse range of work by their faculty in “Picture Us,” on view through November 24. An artists’ reception is scheduled for October 15 from 6-9pm with faculty lectures on November 19 at 7pm. Shown at the right: Jeppa’s Belly National Park by Erin Shafkind.


Vermillion Gallery, 1508 11th. Avenue,  has a group  show , “Photo Alchemy,” on view through October 23 featuring  Daniel Carrillo, Daniel Hawkins, Ted Grudowski, Larry Larson, Bailey Russel and  Erin Shafkind.


Ver(a)rt Gallery at the Vera Project (Warren Ave. N. & Republican) is featuring “D.I.S.T.A.N.C.E ,“ through October 31, with selected artists Bo Choi and Hye Young Kim, and supporting artists including Elizabeth Dean and Ross James. Choi’s MFA exhibition was at The Henry Art Gallery , and she held a residency at Kulturprojekte, Berlin, Germany in 2008. Kim has exhibited her work in Davis, St. Louis, Berlin and Seoul. The opening reception is from 6-9pm.

New work from Julie Gaskill and Sam Hamrick at Fine Impressions

Through the month of September, Fine Impressions Gallery, 8300 Fifth Avenue NE in Seattle, is featuring the new work of gallery artists Julie Gaskill and Sam Hamrick. Shown is Gaskill’s Sunflowers from the contemporary botanicals section.

“Revealing the Root” at Cullom Gallery August 21

“Revealing the Root,” Moku Hanga by Eva Pietzcker, opens in a reception at the Cullom Gallery, 603 Main Street In Seattle, on August 21 from 6-9pm and runs through October 9. The gallery is sponsoring an artist’s talk and printmaking demonstration on Sunday, August 22 at 1pm. Moku hanga is the Japanese term for woodblock print (moku means wood and hanga means print).

“Hot Topics” at Fine Impressions through August

It’s high summer (yes, we know, that’s still a little uncertain in our Puget Sound Region) – so this month Fine Impressions Gallery, 8300 Fifth Avenue NE in Seattle, is showcasing “Hot Topics” from their inventory. This little desert dweller is the Western Fence Lizard, portrayed in an aquatint by Stephen McMillan.

Fine Impressions Gallery celebrates all things French

Today is Bastille Day in France, a celebration akin to our Fourth of July. In Paris, a grand parade marches down the Camps Elysees to commemorate July 14, 1789, the fall of the Bastille, or, as they say in France, “La Fete Nationale.” Fine Impressions Gallery, 8300 Fifth Avenue NE in Seattle, is joining their celebration this month with a selection of fine French prints. Shown: detal of Cuirassiers Francais, 1830 wood engraving from Image de Gangel.