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Sculpture Connection Tour August 27 9am–5:30pm

Join Sculpture Northwest  for the first Sculpture Connection Tour to Freeland Art Studios and Rob Schouten Gallery (historic Greenbank Farm on Whidbey Island). Arrive 8:30am for coffee and light snack then relax and enjoy the guided bus ride to beautiful Whidbey Island – a major arts destination in the Pacific Northwest. The all-day tour starts at  9am at the Sculpture Northwest Gallery,  203 Prospect Street in Bellingham.

Linda Hughes’ Cuerda Seca at Good Earth Pottery

goodLinda Hughes’ unique sense of design in her pottery  is the August feature at Good Earth Pottery, 1000 Harris Avenue in the Fairhaven District of Bellingham. Her intricate Cuerda Seca glazing technique is unlike any other in the gallery.  Meet the artist at a reception on August 6 from 2-5pm.

George Blakeman Exhibit at Artwood in Bellingham

artwoodArtwood Gallery, 1000 Harris Avenue in Bellingham’s Historic Fairhaven district, features a particular category of woodworking or the work of a specific artist. In August, Artwood is displaying George Blakeman’s intarsia—an art form created by combining carefully shaped elements of different woods to create a picture or design. In addition, Laura Goldberg’s tapestries continue to provide a backdrop for the collection of  hand-made furniture, gifts, and accessories that Artwood is noted for.

Go Figure Showing at Fourth Corner Frames & Gallery

4thGo Figure,” an exhibition celebrating the human art form, is currently showing at Fourth Corner Frames & Gallery, 311 W. Holly Street in Bellingham. Artists featured in the show are: Rob Gischer, who  created a distinctive style for his figurative works and taught art at Blaine High School from 1967-1996; Tom Sherwood who has taught art in China as well as Western Washington University and whose works were included in The Lightcatcher Museum show, “A Golden Perspective” in May 2015. Also showing are: Cooper Lanza who taught painting at Whatcom Community College and recently opened Tillie Lace School of Fine Art; Robert Finnegan (1927-1997), New York City resident, who studied at the Brooklyn Museum School of Art. The exhibition will be own view through July.

July Shows in the Fairhaven District of Bellingham

Artwood Gallery, 1000 Harris Avenue, the cooperative woodworking gallery in Historic Fairhaven, highlights in July, wall tapestries by Laura Goldberg, and new work by Artwood members. Works by the artists are be featured among all the other arts, gifts, furniture, and woodwork offered throughout the month.



good“Enthralling Embellishments,” works by  Larry Richmond & Peggy Kondo is featured this month at Good Earth Pottery, 1000 Harris Avenue.  The combination of ceramics and fiber arts along with the fine & carefully executed details demand closer study. This display will be on view throughout the month of July.

Good Earth Pottery Features Flora & Fauna at the Annual Fairhaven Solstice Walk on June 17 From 5-8 PM

goodearthJune brings “Flora & Fauna,” works by featured artists Clovy Tsuchiya & Jordan Jones who create complementary soda-fired pottery, to Good Earth Pottery, 1000 Harris Avenue in the Fairhaven District of Bellingham.  Unifying themes of color and nature run through their work, but each clearly expresses her unique creative voice. Their work will fill the front of the gallery through June and you can meet the artists during the Annual Fairhaven Solstice Walk on June 17, from 5-8pm. Over 19 Fairhaven venues will be open late with special features to celebrate the start of summer.

The Word Is at Fourth Corner Frames & Gallery

fourthFourth Corner Frames & Gallery, 311 W. Holly Street in Bellingham, invites all to an  artist reception June 3 during Downtown Bellingham Art Walk between 6pm – 9pm. Artists have been incorporating the written word in their work since the beginnings of human history. “The Word is…” , the June show, celebrates the work of participating artists Suzie Beringer, Aritas, Jean Ferrier, Laura Norton, and Christy Schroeder. These ladies are  illustrative calligraphers and artists who utilize the written word in their work.

Sculpture Northwest Opens New Show in Bellingham June 3

sculpturenw“Elemental: Sculpture of Earth, Water, Fire and Air,” is currently showing through July 30 at Sculpture Northwest Gallery, 203 Prospect Street in Bellingham. Journey underwater, into the sky, through valleys and to the depths of mother earth’s forge, in Sculpture Northwest Gallery’s upcoming exhibition. Featured artistssourc e motifs and materials from the natural world as inspiration, creating in their process representations of the four elements. The show opens June 3 at 6pm.

First Friday Children’s Walk In Bellingham at 5:30 pm

In collaboration with teacher, Jessica Tupper of Samish Woods Montessori School, Sculpture Northwest Gallery, 203 Prospect Street in Bellingham, presents artfully designed sculptures made by 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grade students.  With architectural finesse and bold palettes, the children’s art uplifts and inspires.  A sculpture-making activity will be provided for family enjoyment using recycled materials to take home from the event. Little Darling’s 3-6 year-olds share their creative wisdom through colorful owls made of recycled materials and perched in a well-rooted vine maple tree.

Good Earth Pottery Showcases Jeremy Noet in April

Good Earth Pottery, 1000 Harris Avenueimage in the Fairhaven District of Bellingham, features  Jeremy Noet for the month of April. He has created vessels to help you set aside those disposables and carry your beverage of choice in reusable style! Take a flip-top growler to your favorite beer or kombucha tap–the volume is stamped on the bottom for easy pay calculation. Your barista will delight in the sight of your reusable to-go cup with silicone lid. Meet the artist and watch him at the wheel during the Dirty Dan Day Festival in the heart of Fairhaven on April 24th, from 1-4pm.

Painted Cedar Art and Chairs at Artwood Gallery in Bellingham

artwoodgalIn April, Artwood Gallery, 1000 Harris Avenue in the Fairhaven district of Bellingham, is highlighting the painted cedar art of Gary Giovane, along with a selection of Comfortable Chairs. Gary’s colorful and intricate motifs, framed in blackened wood,  draw from Northwest Coast, Celtic, and Japanese influences.  Chairs: rockers, easy chairs, and dining chairs are made by various artists. Artwood shows woodwork and other useful and decorative furniture, household accessories, jewelry and gifts, all designed and made by local artists.

The Art of Gary Giovane Featured at Artwood Gallery

artwoodIn March and April, Artwood Gallery, 1000 Harris Avenue in Bellingham’s Old Fairhaven district, is featuring the artwork of Gary Giovane. Gary paints on cedar, his carefully constructed motifs seamless with his carefully constructed blackened wood frames and stands. Having been a teacher at Neah Bay for many years, the Northwest Coast style shows its mark in his compositions, merging perfectly with Celtic and Japanese flavors, making a style all his own. Many of his pieces are accompanied by the stories that inspired their creation, and many themes are local to the Pacific Northwest. Meet the artist on March 12, from 1-4.

Sculpture Northwest Sculpts The Contemporary Figure

sculptureSculpture Northwest Gallery, 203 Prospect Street in Bellingham, features multiple regional artists with a shared creative vision and exemplary technical skills in rendering the human figure in new and often unexpected ways. On view through May 20, the opening reception is during the Bellingham First Friday Art Walk beginning at 6pm.

Forging Reflections at Sculpture Northwest in Bellingham

sculptureSculpture Northwest Gallery, 203 Prospect Street in Bellingham, is currently showing, “Forging Reflections: Luminosity Meets Metal Work,” through February 20. Three artists display radically different work but with something in common despite their various approaches. Jason Brown employs traditional Northwest Coast imagery as a starting point but uses a totally different media- forged steel. Peter Rand uses wood and light in a thoroughly contemporary way that has an architectural quality. and actually uses reflected light. Wayne Kangas produces exuberant pieces of collected metal scraps that glitter, reflect the light and seem to move.

Nancy Grigsby Showing at Artwood in Bellingham

artwoodbellArtwood Gallery, 1000 Harris Avenue in Bellingham is featuring hand-carved wood items for the kitchen in January. The wall artist for January through February is Nancy Grigsby, a watercolor artist who has shown with  with the gallery for over 13 years. Grigsby is now doing acrylic and mixed media art. Shown: by Nancy Grigsby.