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Jeremy Gregory show at Bherd Studios Gallery

bherd Tacoma artist, Jeremy Gregory, brings his art to life through hand- crafted, posed puppets and in a short stop motion film during his exhibition “Little Big Deal” opening Friday, August 10 from 6-10pm at the Bherd Studios Gallery, 8537 Greenwood Avenue N.  Gregory has participated in many community mural projects and the Tacoma City’s Public Art: In Depth (PA : ID) program. The show runs through August 31. Shown: Little Big Deal.

Schack celebrates NW Basket Weavers’ 30th Anniversary

schack The Schack Art Center, 2921 Hoyt Avenue in Everett, celebrates the 30th anniversary of the Northwest Basket Weavers Guild with a new show and reception from 5-8pm on August 9. On view through September 20, the exhibit, “Pearls of Experience,” features work from artists from Washington and Oregon who have mastered traditional techniques and expanded work to incorporate alternative materials such as citrus peel, sturgeon skin, agave leaves and metal to create sculptural and figurative pieces. Shown: Touchstone by Susan Blackburn.

“Seasons” opens August 9 at Howard/Mandville

howardmand Howard/Mandville Gallery, 120 Park Lane in Kirkland, opens “Seasons,” a solo show of new works by Jhenna Quinn Lewis, in a reception August 9 from 6-8pm. The artist says her inspiration comes from Japanese masters such as Utagawa Hiroshige, Uta Maro, and Hasegawa Tohaku. Shown: Balancing Act.

Bob Allan “Turning a Blind Eye” at Gunnar Nordstrom Gallery

gunnarn Opening in a reception for the artist on August 8 from 6-8pm at the Gunnar Nordstrom Gallery, 800 Bellevue Way NE, is “Turning a Blind Eye,” new work by Bob Allan. The former art instructor in Washington State, Allan moved to Nebraska where he fought and won a battle with blindness. Rather than end his career as an artist, his weakened eyesight enabled him to “see” color in an abstract way, greatly enhancing his work when his eyesight returned.  According to gallery owner Nordstrom, “Allan’s work is amazing.” The show runs through September 9. 

First Saturday August 4 openings

aot Artisans on Taylor, 911 Water Street in Port Townsend, opens “Conversation Pieces,” mixed media figurative paintings by Christopher Mathie, in a reception August 4 from 6-8pm during the Port Townsend Art Walk.



brackenwood Brackenwood Gallery, 302 First Street in Langley, presents Pete Jordan as the featured artist for the month of August. Jordan is a well-known Whidbey Island artist whose paintings are indicative of this place. This show will feature both island landscapes and paintings of appealing objects the artist has accumulated over the years. A reception for the artis is from 5-7pm. Shown at the right: Moonset Deer Lagoon,  Pete Jordan.



patriciacameron Through September 7, Patricia Cameron Gallery, 234 Dexter Avenue N. is featuring colorful new paintings by Seattle artist and Gage Academy art instructor Julia Ricketts along with large scale charcoal drawings by Hawaii artist/educator Linda Kane. Shown at the left: Joie de Vivre by Julia Ricketts.



Opening from 5-8pm at the Smith & Vallee Gallery, 5742 Gilkey Avenue in Edison, is “Mashcans,” a collection of smashed objects such as cans or buckets, found by Paul Havas on the side of the road while painting en plein air. Although a divergence from his popular landscapes, the "mashcans" share the artist’s very distinct palate. He has had numerous exhibitions in his career and his paintings are featured in the permanent collections of the Museum of Northwest Art, Tacoma Art Museum, and Whatcom Museum.


waterw Waterworks Gallery, 315 Argyle Street in Friday Harbor, introduces “World of Wonder and Delight” in a reception from 2-5pm. Featured in the exhibit are Jaime Ellsworth’s oils and mixed media sculpture by Robin and John Gumaelius.  An artist talk by Robin and John Gumselius  will take place at 11am. Shown at the right: Pet the Dog by Jaime Ellsworth.

First Friday August 3 around Puget Sound

Anchor Art Space, 216 Commercial Avenue in Anacortes, opens from 6-9pm with a show called “Shelter.” It brings together visual artists, architects, designers, videographers, and photographers to address the physical, spiritual and emotional connections to the walls we build between ourselves and the world and the ways identity can be formed by these constructs. The show runs through September 16.


bainbridge Bainbridge Arts and Crafts, 151 Winslow Way, showcases textile artists with “Streaming: Textile Artists Think About Water.” in a reception during the Bainbridge Art Walk from 5-8pm.  The group show includes Deborah Babin, Linda McFarland, Kimberly Morris, Pamela Mostek, Carol Roi Olsen, Lynnette Sandbloom, and Dana Ziesemer. On August 4 at 12:30pm, Deborah Babin will demonstrate her techniques for turning fabric into collage. Shown at the left: Nautilus by Deborah Babin.



The Honey Salon, 310 W. Holly in Bellingham, is showing the abstract work of Tim Alexander through September 4. The opening reception is from 6-9pm.


“Faces and Places,” a solo exhibition featuring the work of Pam Ingalls, is on view at the Roby King Galleries, 176 Winslow Way E. on Bainbridge Island, through September 1. The reception for the artist is from 6-8pm.


scottmilo Scott-Milo Gallery, 420 Commercial Avenue in Anacortes, welcomes back to the gallery, oils by Diane Ainsworth of Port Townsend. Also showing are oils by Jeanne Levasseur, color photographs by Lewis Jones, pastels by Sandy Byers and oils by James Moore. The opening reception for the artists is from 6-9pm, in conjunction with opening night of the Anacortes Arts Festival. Shown at the left: Lilly Pad Abstract by Diane Ainsworth.



theisland The Island Gallery, 400 Winslow Way E. on Bainbridge Island, is showcasing the work of Jenny Andersen and Steve Sauer in “Fire and Imagination: Sculptures of the Earth” through August 31. A reception for the artists is from 6-8pm. Shown at the right: Spirit Bird Feasting at the End of the World by Jenny Andersen.

Christopher Mathie’s new show at Artisans on Taylor in Port Townsend opens August 4 from 6-8pm

aot Artisans on Taylor, 911 Water Street in Port Townsend, opens “Conversation Pieces,” mixed media figurative paintings by Christopher Mathie, in a reception August 4 from 6-8pm during the Port Townsend Art Walk.  Noted West Coast artist, CHRISTOPHER MATHIE, explores BODY. “Even with so much genitalia and flesh,” Mathie states, "The work really isn’t about sex. It’s much more about psychological states of mind and emotions. It’s about the lens through which each individual views his or her identity. And it’s about understanding, forgiveness and respect."

Ornamental Arts in Marysville art opening August 3

ornamental A reception from 4-7pm at the Ornamental Arts Gallery on August 3 introduces a new show featuring Marguerite Goff’s raku, Janet Hamilton’s pastels, and the Celtic music of Campbell Road.  The gallery is located at 13805 Smokey Point Blvd. Suite 105  in  Marysville. Shown: Raku by Marguerite Goff.

First Thursday Seattle August 2 openings

artxchange ArtXchange Gallery, 512 First Avenue S.,  is showing  “SKIN: Sculptural Encaustic” by Deborah Kapoor at a reception from 5-8pm. On view through August 11, the show combines encaustic (wax) with ephemeral materials including satsuma peels, cow tongues, pomegranate shells, and dryer sheets. Kapoor’s sculptural works and installations address fragility, growth and transience. Shown at the left: Divine Mother.


The Ethnic Heritage Art Gallery, in the Seattle Municipal Tower on the third floor at 700 Fifth Avenue, opens with two receptions at 11:30am-1pm and  4:30-7pm for “PORTRAITS,”  featuring works by eight Seattle-area artists of Central American, South American, and Caribbean heritage: Alfredo Arreguin, Blanca Santander, Fulgenzio Lazo, Gloria Ruiz, Jose Orantes, Rene Julio, Tatiana Garmendia, and Tomas Oliva.


foster Foster/White Gallery, 220 Third Avenue S., is showing the sculpture of Will Robinson in “Shape, Texture, Touch,” through August 31. Robinson’s sculpture can be found in private collections throughout the Unites States, Canada and Asia. It is also included in the corporate and public collections of TRUMP Entertainment, COPT, Swedish Medical Center, the cities of Bremerton and Yakima. One of his pieces is shown at the right.


Gallery 110, 110 3rd. Avenue S.,  presents new work by 16  gallery artists. The artwork represents the depth and breadth of collective vision, inviting the viewer to contemplate representations of the feelings, stories, and experiences of the 16 individuals expressed in a variety of medium. The opening reception is on First Thursday from 6-8pm, and a reception for the artists is August 4 from 5-8pm.


galleryima Opening from 6-8pm at Gallery IMA, 123 S. Jackson, is a group exhibition featuring Harold Hoy plus four additional artists. The show continues through September 1. Shown at the left: Balloon Dog by Harold Hoy.



hanson On view at the Hanson Scott Gallery, 121 Prefontaine Place, is a group show featuring artists who have chosen one or more pieces to represent their individual artistic perspective. Introducing Donna Wallace, mixed media painter and Zia Gibson, fiber artist and Stacie Flor, metal jewelry artist. The First Thursday reception is from 5-8pm.  Shown at the right: Patricia Baldwin Seggebrush, Encaustic Paper Series.





Over 35 children, adults and elders huddled over paper squares in July to pay tribute to the people and places that shaped them. Those individual creations are now part of a sculpture on display at IDEA Odyssey Gallery, 666 S. Jackson Street, through August 30,, 2012. The reception is from 5 to 8 p.m.


lisaharris “Photographic Wanderings: Christopher Harris, Sherry Karver, Peter de Lory and David W. Simpson,” opens from 6-8pm at the Lisa Harris Gallery, 1922 Pike Place. Each artist has explored subject matter, destinations, photographic techniques and/or alternative approaches that convey notions of “wandering.” Shown at the left by Sherry Karver.


M.I.A. Gallery, 1203 A-Second Avenue, is showing “OCCUPY M.I.A,” an exhibition dedicated to the engaging photographers of Seattle, through September 1. The artists will attend the reception from 6-8pm.  The show relates to and explores Seattle social activism which has shaped the city.


paper Paper Hammer Gallery, 1400 Second Avenue, opens from 5-7pm with “Bouquet: found or forgotten,”  an exhibition of new bodies of work by artists Hannah Russell, Yael Nov and Serrah Russell. Each artist has grown a collection of work, allowing their collected gems of found imagery to decay and flourish as they alter, transform, preserve and salvage have also invited an artist whose work speaks to their own practice to join the exhibition and participate along side their own work. Shown at the right: Nonetheless.


patriciarovzar Patricia Rovzar Gallery, 1225 Second Avenue,  presents “Bill Braun trompe l’ oeil paintings” from August 2 – August 31. A reception for the artist will be held from 6- 8: PM in conjunction with Seattle’s First Thursday Art Walk. The exhibition features 15 new works that illustrate the playful and intellectual nature of trompe l’oeil painting—the artistic ability to depict an object so exactly that it appears real. Braun’s He has had numerous one man shows including California, Colorado, Nevada and in his home state of Washington and has been collected by corporations, as well as the private sector. Shown at the left: Cornflowers and Daisy.


On display at the Pratt Gallery, 306 S. Washington, is “Art Bridge Exhibition: Rebecca Chernow and Emma Levitt,” featuring work by Pratt Fine Arts Center’s 2011-2012 Art Bridge Fellowship recipients. Running through September 1, the exhibition includes sculptural works in glass and mixed media by Rebecca Chernow and printmaking by Emma Levitt.


“Scissor Lift,” a collection of mixed media works by Curtis Erlinger, opens at the Punch Gallery, 119 Prefontaine Place S., in a reception from  5-8pm .  Using a spectacle of images from prior sources – sliced film reel fragments, discarded negatives, retrieved Xeroxes – Erlinger resurrects the forgotten dead through a process of translation, however impossible the attempt may be. The show runs through September 1.


“Wax, Paper, Scissors,” new works by Daya Bonnie Astor and Patrice Donohue, opens at the Shift Collaborative Studio, 306 S. Washington, in a reception from  5-9pm.


shoreline “Looking for Coolidges,” a new show featuring twenty new paintings from Seattle artist Amy Pleasant, opens at the Shoreline City Hall Gallery, 17500 Midvale Avenue N. in Shoreline. The work is inspired by photos from an aunt and uncle span a time period from the mid 1930’s to the 1970’s; from the couple’s childhood through the birth of their first grandchild when the collection inexplicably ends. Also showing are paintings by Paul Lewing, who has created work recalling the wonderful times he’s spent with his wife, his friends, in the mountains, on the trails, or at the beach.  Shown at the right by Amy Pleasant.


stonington Stonington Gallery  119 S. Jackson Street opens “Journeys – Travels in the Natural and Spirit Worlds,” in a reception from 6-8pm. On view through August 31, the group exhibition tackles the subject of travel in the summer, whether it’s the migration of salmon or humans in cars or canoes seeking adventure and freedom. Artists Duane Pasco, Joan Tenenbaum, Hib Sabin, Rick Bartow, Ann Morris, Thomas Stream, Bill Holm, Ray Dudley, Mary Snowden and others are represented in a range of styles and media. Shown at the left: Bill Holm, First Sail.

Art on the Spectrum at Windows Art Gallery

windowsautistic Artwork from a wide spectrum of artists, each of whom is somewhere on the autism spectrum, opens at the Windows Art Gallery, 4131 Woodland Park Avenue in Seattle’s Wallingford area,  on August 1 in a reception from 6:30-8pm. Artists in the show include Michael Tolleson, Jack Carl Anderson, Forrest Sargent, Tedd Selden, Casey King, Esther Brokaw and Marcy Deutsch. Shown: Brushing Her Hair by Esther Brokaw.

Crackerjack showcases jewelry art

cracker On view through August 12 at Crackerjack Contemporary Crafts, 1815 N. 45th. Street in the Wallingford Center of Seattle, are selected works by Kristin Ford and Extasia Jewelry.

Pop culture showcased at Ltd. Art Gallery

ltd Ltd. Art Gallery, 307 E. Pike Street, is showcasing the artwork of Steve Thomas through August 26 in his first solo art show. He brings his retro poster to the show, drawing on pop culture icons from the 80s and 90s- movies, television, video games, cartoons, and more. Steve Thomas’ art has been featured by: TeeFury, Lucasfilm, Star Trek, Clif Bar, Gallery 1988, Ltd. Art Gallery, Ript Apparel, Acme Archives Ltd, and others. The opening reception is July 28 at 7pm.

“A Thin Thread” opening at “Cullom Gallery July 27

cullom “A Thin Thread,” drawings and paintings by Rumi Koshino and Mugi Takei, opens July 27 in a reception from 6-8pm at the Cullom Gallery, 603 S. Main Street in Seattle. On view through August 18, a reception with the artists is planned during the First Thursday Artwalk on August 2. Shown: Mugi Takei. The baby spirit going inside of the mother.

Teresa Saia preview at Howard/Mandville Gallery tonight

howard A special preview party for Teresa Saia takes place tonight from 6-8pm at the Howard/Mandville Gallery, 120 Park Lane in Kirkland. The artist is offering collectors a special opportunity to preview the new works she has prepared for the upcoming Bellevue Arts Fair. Shown: Golden Light.

Prographica opens “Commentaries: Artists Respond to the Land” July 21 from 2-4pm

prographic Prographica / fine works on paper, 3419 East Denny Way, opens “Commentaries: Artists Respond to the Land,” in a reception July 21 from 2-4pm. Co-curated by Kimberly Clark and Philip Govedare,  the artists were chosen because their work clearly demonstrates how each artist enters into the landscape from a different and unique place. On Thursday evening August 16 at 7 p.m., Philip Govedare will read Evolving Interpretations of Wilderness, a paper he first delivered earlier this year to the American Association of Geographers. An informal discussion will follow. The show runs through September 1. Shown: Kimberly Clark, Tomorrow They Would Fall II.