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Levi Vincent Imaginative Illustrations at Good Earth Pottery

goodearth“Imaginative Illustrations” opens today at Good Earth Pottery, 1000 Harris Avenue in the Fairhaven District of Bellingham. Featured artist, Levi Vincent, has taken ceramic surface decoration to creative new levels. Vincent utilizes a special image-transfer process to apply unique hand-drawn illustrations to his pottery. Meet the artist at an opening reception on September 3 from 2-5pm.

Dederick Ward Featured at Scott Milo Gallery in Anacortes

scottScott Milo Gallery, 420 Commercial Avenue in Anacortes,  presents a new series of mountains, clouds and mist in oil by Dederick Ward of Anacortes. Dedy’s paintings show the mystery behind the mist. Also showing are encaustic paintings by Marilee Holm, oils by Anne Martin McCool, pastels by Janice Wall and watercolors by Peggy Woods. The reception for the show is September 2 from 6-9pm during the Anacortes Art Walk. Shown: Becoming by Dederick Ward.

Bellingham First Friday Openings

artwArtwood Gallery, 1000 Harris Avenue in Bellingham’s Historic Fairhaven district, is featuring the fish carvings of Phil Skochilich for the month of September. A former steelhead fisherman with a lifelong interest in marine animals, Phil now “catches” these fish from wood he has salvaged along the Washington and Oregon coasts. He says, "The creations are there, in the log, I just have to pull them out!”  Nine carvings, 2 -3 feet long, will be displayed on Artwood’s walls.



fourth“Artist’s Choice” is back by popular demand at Fourth Corner Frames & Gallery, 311 W. Holly Street. A collaborative show between artist and framer, the mediums are as diverse as the subject matters. Each invited artist will bring their “small” works (8” x 10” or under) to the gallery unframed. A fun feature of this show is the professional frame designs will be specifically created for each piece by our staff at Fourth Corner Frames. An opening reception September 2, and a closing reception October 7 will be held during Downtown Bellingham Art Walk, 6pm – 9pm. Shown: Erin Libby’s  Early One Morning.



Honey Salon, 310 W. Holly Street,  presents a group show featuring the works of Honey clients, stylists and friends titled “Honeys Hunnys.” This open theme gallery presentation is meant to showcase the talent of the whole Honey hive. Opening reception, complete with honey cocktails, sweet treats and our own PhDJ spinning Sting, Beyonce, The Bee Gees (and other bee favs) debuts September 2 during the Downtown Bellingham Art Walk 6-10pm.

Bainbridge First Friday Art Walk

bainbridgeBainbridge Arts and Crafts, 151 Winslow, opens for the art walk from 6-8pm  with “Amy D’Apice: Kindred Spaces,” paintings exploring seemingly disparate eastern and western locales. Also showing is “Birgit Josenhans: Benches,” works by an artist who creates her own sense of space with  benches crafted in wood, river rock, and resin. Shown: Amy D’Apice. Salt Water Taffy.


bimaThe Seattle Times calls the Bainbridge Island Museum of Art  show "Heaven on Fire" by Barbara Earl Thomas a "must-see." ‘Heaven on Fire,’ a survey of over sixty (60) artworks by Barbara Earl Thomas, with work spanning from the early 1980s to present. Included in this exhibition are paintings, prints, glass sculpture, paper cuts, and a site-specific installation including the artist’s writings.


robyRoby King Galleries, 176 Winslow Way, opens with “Artistic Trifccta,” an exhibition of all gallery artists. The artists are donating 10% of sales this month to the Bainbridge Island Museum of Art, and the gallery is matching that amount.




theislandThe Island Gallery, 400 Winslow Way, presents new work from twelve of the artists it represents: Paintings and Prints: Irene Yesley, Renée Jameson, Karen Chaussabel, Andrea Lawson, Gerardo Aguayo, Lisa Wederquist; Furniture and Sculpture: Wendy Dunder, Carl Yurdin, Tom Johnson, Chris Thompson; Textiles: Mary Jaeger; and Ceramics: Delores Fortuna. Also introducing New Artists Chiho Kuwayama (Textiles) and Joan Cihak (Ceramic Jewelry). Ranger and the Re-Arrangers will play in concert on the plaza.

Seattle First Thursday Art Walks

artxchange“Visual Poems” by Joan Wortis, opens at the Artxchange Gallery, 512 First Avenue, First Thursday, September 1 and runs through October 22. This series of monotype collage artwork reimagines the shapes found in global languages and symbols to create compositions with the elegance of a visual poem. Shown at the left: Encountering.



The Bryan Ohno Gallery, 521 S, Main Street, opens from 5-8pm with Laura Hamje’s series “Climbing with Helenepitomizing the balance between transience and stability, which characterizes life in a region continuously reshaped by forces natural and man-made alike.


The Central Saloon, 207 First Avenue South, presents the work of Anna Sparks,a multimedia artist who intuitively attacks her canvas with whatever material she has around (oil, acrylic, collage, found images, stencils, and more).  Inspired by the happenings of the culture and art of the street, she is always critiquing the mainstream media’s portrayal of gender and their version of happiness.


davidsonDavidson Galleries, 313 Occidental Avenue S., opens from 6-8pm with “Introductions,” printmakers from around the world. Also showing are selected works from John James Audubon’s “The Birds of America.”  Shown at the right: Over Mt. Osceola by Matt Brown.



Flatcolor Gallery, 77 S. Main Street,  welcomes brothers Matthew Zaremba and Nick Zaremba  to the gallery September 1 from 5-9pm. The exhibition will run through September 30.



Foster/White Gallery, 220 Third Avenue South, presents a selection of work by the artist Alden Mason (1919-2013). This exhibition of work spans the prolific artist’s career, and fortifies his unique place in the rich art history of the Northwest. The opening is from 6-8pm.



fredFrederick Holmes and Company, 309 Occidental Avenue S., opens from 6 – 8:30pm with “XXX: THREE WOMEN IN ABSTRACT, plus new work by Naoko Morisawa.” The exhibition includes work by Jane Burton (San Francisco), Heloisa Pomfret (Sao Paulo/Detroit) and Elise Wagner (Portland, OR). Shown at the left: Red by Jane Burton.



“Umbrellas, Parasols and Bumbershoots,” opens at Gallery 110, 110 3rd. Avenue S, Li Turner’s vivid use of color and whimsy in her current series of paintings and prints. This exhibition combines the natural beauty of the Northwest with shelter and protection.



Linda Hodges Gallery, 316 First Avenue S., presents Washington painter Michael Paul Miller’s large-scale post-apocalyptic and assured trompe l’oeil oils. Also showing is Oregon painter Gabriel Fernandez who focuses on dramatic interiors and neighborhood scenes.



proNorman Lundin and Prographica/KDR Gallery, 313 Occidental Avenue S.,  presents and curates “Things That Kill” featuring work by Fred Birchman, Brian Blackham, Marsha Burns, Joe Crookes, Ellen Garvens, John Fadeff, Jim Holl, Michael Howard, Amy Huddleston, Caroline Kapp, Dianne Kornberg, Riva Lehrer, Brian Murphy, Elizabeth Ockwell, Anne Petty, Glenn Rudolph, Graham Shutt, Kathy Vargas, and Evelyn Woods opening September 1 and continuing through October 29. Shown at the right: Riva Lehrer, Adhesions.



High Design,”  opening at the Pilchuck Gallery in Seattle, 240 Second Avenue S.,  features a group of talented artists pushing the limits of functional glass pipes. Through innovation, invention and creativity, this underground genre has recently surged into the contemporary world of art and craft.



stoningThe Stonington Gallery, 125 S. Jackson,  is showing “Spectrum,” featuring works by painter Thomas Stream (Sun’aq Aleut) and glassblower Dan Friday (Lummi). Both contemporary artists who utilize bold, brilliant color, show their respect and love for their indigenous heritage and the environment around them.  Shown: Sweetgrass Baskets by Dan Friday (Lummi Nation) Blown Glass Cane Mosaic.



Traver Gallery, 110 Union Street, presents “Bright Blue Light,” a new exhibition by Seattle-based artist Cappy Thompson. Well known for her signature folk-style paintings on glass, Thompson explores innovative methods of drawing; using light to outline form in this new collection of painted glass panels and carved glass vessels.



zinc“Beneath an Eyelid Lies a Moon,” sculptures by Jacob Foran opens at Zinc Contemporary, 119 Prefontaine Pl. S., in a reception from 5-8pm. Seattle ceramic artist Jacob Foran explores rich symbolic spaces in the figural series using the iconography of children and babies to explore the greater mental expanse for imagination and creativity.  Shown: XB2S.

Five Shows Recommended by the Seattle Times

Michael Upchurch, writing for the Seattle Times, has an an article you should read titled, “Five must see art shows in September.” He lists some exhibits at Bumbershoot this weekend, the “BAM Biennial 2016:Metalmorphosis” at the Bellevue Arts Museum, the Michael Paul Miller show at the Linda Hodges Gallery, Deborah Butterfield at the Greg Kucera Gallery, and “Chuck Close Prints: Process and Collaboration” at the Schack Art Center in Everett.

Eclectic and Kinetic Happening at Sculpture Northwest

nwsculptureSculpture Northwest, 203 Prospect Street in Bellingham, explores unconventional and kinetic sculpture that defies pigeonholing.  These interactive and sculptural works invite the viewer to completely engage and imagine during this end of summer show. 14 noteworthy Northwest artists participate in this most memorable exhibition on view through October 1.

Sculpture Connection Tour August 27 9am–5:30pm

Join Sculpture Northwest  for the first Sculpture Connection Tour to Freeland Art Studios and Rob Schouten Gallery (historic Greenbank Farm on Whidbey Island). Arrive 8:30am for coffee and light snack then relax and enjoy the guided bus ride to beautiful Whidbey Island – a major arts destination in the Pacific Northwest. The all-day tour starts at  9am at the Sculpture Northwest Gallery,  203 Prospect Street in Bellingham.

Stencil Prints and Fine Impressions Gallery

fineFine Impressions Gallery, 8300 5th Avenue NE in Seattle, wraps up their exploration of the different forms of printmaking with an in depth look at stencil prints this month. These include serigraphs, also know as silk screens, as well as pochoir prints. Both printmaking techniques use the basic concept of stenciling but take it to the level of fine art through the layering of colors, fine detail and graphic style. See some examples from the collection, such as this serigraph from Hawaiian artist Janet Holaday, on their homepage.

Edmonds Art Walk Tonight from 5-8pm


cascadiaOn view through August 23 at the Cascadia Art Museum, 190 Sunset Avenue in Edmonds, are two new exhibitions: “Against The Moon: The Art of John Matsudaira,” and “Northwest Photography at Mid-Century.” Shown: John Matsudaira (1922-2007)  First Snow, 1959, Oil on canvas 48 x 32" Collection of the Matsudaira Family.




The Cole Gallery, 107 Fifth Avenue S., is showing, "Three Voices," the art of Jennifer, Susan & Douglas Diehl, all members of the same family. On view from August 18 – September 12, a champagne reception with dessert  will greet the artists during the Edmonds gallery walk from 5-8pm.



galnorthThe seventh annual Beauty of the Northwest Exhibit is on view through August 31 at Gallery North401 Main Street in downtown Edmonds. This year’s show features 71 works of art by 45 Northwest artists. All artwork is available for purchase. The Beauty of the Northwest Exhibit is open to the public, seven days a week. Shown: by Frankie Gollub,



zincElizabeth Gahan brings an in-depth conversation of Seattle’s rapid growth in painted form to ZINC Art  + Object A, 102 3rd. Avenue S., August 18-September 12 in a show titled “BOOM: from wonder to whiplash.” Gahan examines the beauty and inspiration behind our region’s urban environment while asking for critical consideration of the powerful dynamic between the natural and industrial world. You can join the conversation with Gahan at the opening night artist’s reception on August 18 at the Edmonds gallery   from 5-8pm. Shown at the left: Engulfing

Carrie Goller Gallery in Poulsbo Showing Max Hayslette

carrieThe Carrie Goller Gallery, 18801 Front Street in Poulsbo, announces that Max Hayslette will be autographing complimentary posters of one of his latest paintings, Woodland Pond and young classical violinist Claire Turner will be playing during the Second Saturday Art Walk in Poulsbo today from 5-8pm. All the  fine art galleries on Front Street will be open  for a lovely August summer evening of art shopping.

A Contemporary Showcase Opens at Howard/Mandville

hoardOpening in a reception  on August 12 from 5-8pm at Howard/Mandville Gallery, 120 Park Lane in Kirkland, is “A Contemporary Showcase.”  Showing are new works from familiar gallery artists Quincy Anderson, Leslie Balleweg, Rich Bowman, Melanie Ferguson, Chuck Gumpert, Craig Kosak, Tracey Lane, Christopher Mathie, Steve Reinmuth  and Sharon Spencer plus new gallery artists Corinne Geertsen and Agnieszka Pilat. The show runs through September 4.

Gunnar Nordstrom Presents Ray Pelley’s Photorealism

gunnarnordstromNew works by Ray Pelley,  "Alternative Realism," opens August 10 from 6-8pm at the Gunnar Nordstrom Gallery, 800 Bellevue Way NE. Known primarily as a Photorealist painter, Pelley’s subject matter of the past has spanned wine, toys and urban landscapes with a slight surreal bend to his paintings. Taking artistic liberties from photographs, Pelley converts the hard edge and precise visual dialogue of a photo and manipulates the hues, shades and tints into over saturated colors with enhanced light and shadows to create a new and intense subject matter, all the while still being a photo. The exhibition runs through September 10. Shown: Landmark.

Birds of a Feather Opens at Waterworks in Friday Harbor

workWaterworks Gallery, 315 Argyle Avenue in Friday Harbor, presents an exhibition of the works of Michael Dickter and Robin & John Gumaelius. Michael paints birds based on his reference observations and studies and places them on backgrounds that are mottled, drawn upon, and troweled. Robin and John Gumaelius ceramic sculptures marry many themes and techniques to tell stories.  A reception for the artists is August 6 from 4-7pm. Refreshments will be served. Shown: It Was A Nice Horse, So He Carried It Home by Robin & John Gurnaelius.

Linda Hughes’ Cuerda Seca at Good Earth Pottery

goodLinda Hughes’ unique sense of design in her pottery  is the August feature at Good Earth Pottery, 1000 Harris Avenue in the Fairhaven District of Bellingham. Her intricate Cuerda Seca glazing technique is unlike any other in the gallery.  Meet the artist at a reception on August 6 from 2-5pm.